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How to choose the right dust bag according to the dust removal method

Source: Unknown Author: admin Name: Time: 2020-01-11

When many people choose the type of dust bag, the first condition is the dust removal method of the bag type dust collector. Only when the dust removal method is determined can the filter material of the dust removal bag be identified as woven fabric, needle felt or compression felt. For other standard dust bags, you must first understand the filter conditions.

1. Vibration dust removal

The characteristic of this dust removal method is that the kinetic energy applied to the dust layer is smaller than the kinetic energy of pulse spraying and reverse spraying. This is a low-energy method of dust removal. Therefore, it is suitable for fabric dust filter bags. The oscillating waves of soft woven fabrics spread well.

2. Back blow dust removal

This dust removal method generally uses a fabric dust bag, but felts with light weight, good flexibility, and a small variation range can also be used. During this period, glass fiber dust bags were mainly used, and large bag filters were mainly used. The procedures for lifting and sewing the dust filter bag are required. If you do not pay attention, the service life of the dust filter bag will be greatly affected.

3. Pulse jet dust removal & this dust removal method has a high dust removal kinetic energy for the dust layer, and is a typical external filtering dust removal method. The fine gray force is very strong, and the amount of dust remaining on the yarn in the dust bag is relatively small. The dust bag used is usually felt or needle felt. Under the action of pulse injection, the dust removal filter bag will become very large momentarily and generate a lot of stress. Therefore, it is necessary to use a filter material with strong tensile strength. Dust bags often conflict with bones, so dust bags with good anti-friction functions should be used.

4. Air ring blowing dust removal

Because this method has a proper dust removal function, it is required that the dust removal bag has good rigidity, small holes and abrasion resistance, so that when the blowing ring moves back and forth, the dust removal bag will not change and will not fluff. Therefore, the use of felt or needle felt is limited. But thick, high-density felt is also required.

5. Pulsating back blowing dust removal

The kinetic energy applied to dust in this way is the center of high performance and low kinetic energy types. This type of dust removal requires that the filter material of the dust bag is flexible, and also that it is rigid.

Satin and twill fabrics are the best choice for dust removal using fabric filter bags, but in terms of dust removal capacity, filtration speed, and abrasion resistance of the frame, needle felt is the best choice, with a weight of 300 ~ 600 g / m2 Needle felt. Woven fabrics are rarely used. If necessary, various surface treatments should be performed.

6. Backflush-oscillating dust removal

The kinetic energy of dust removal applied to the dust layer is a low energy type. At first, fabric dust bags were the most commonly used. Today, needle felts are the most commonly used. The first factor is to increase the filtration speed. Needle felt requires a cloth weight of 280 / ㎡ to 350 g / ㎡, a thickness of 1.0 mm to 1.3 mm, and good air permeability.

When sewing and installing the dust bag, tighten the dust bag first, otherwise the filter will cause scale to stretch. When the dust bag is stretched to about 2%, the dust removal effect will not work. Therefore, many manufacturers will give priority to avoiding the problem of filter bag elongation when forming the dust bag.

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