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  • What factors should be considered when choosing a bag filter 2019-12-31 What factors should be considered when selecting a bag filter , the key technologies of the bag filter are bag filter and automatic control technology, which have been solved abroad. Filter material processing, surface treatment and post-treatment technology are developing rapidly, solving high temperature resistance, ... [View Details]
  • What are the characteristics of the bag filter and the design principles of airflow distribution? 2019-12-31 What are the characteristics of the pulse bag dust collector and the design principle of the airflow distribution? Most of the pulse bag dust collectors we usually use use advanced chamber air blocking technology. This dust removal technique is very good. Compared with traditional technology, its dust removal ability is significantly improved. In addition, it ......... [View details]
  • Factors affecting the performance of boiler dust collector 2019-12-31 Factors affecting boiler dust collector performance There are many factors affecting boiler dust collector performance. When the boiler is operating, the main room is affected by the humidity, temperature, composition and pressure of the flue gas in the boiler. The following is a detailed introduction: 1. Flue gas humidity: Flue gas humidity ......... [View details]
  • What are the selection techniques of dust bag filter materials 2019-12-19What are the selection techniques of dust bag filter materials 1. Filter speed is the key factor in selecting dust bag. It should be determined according to the nature of the dust or dust, the application, dust particle size, viscosity, gas temperature, water content, dust concentration and other factors. When the dust ......... [View Details]
  • Effect of bag filter dust removal equipment on flue gas desulfurization 2019-12-18Effects of baghouse dust removal equipment on flue gas desulfurization Comparison of baghouse and water film dust collector's dust removal effect! Bag filter, bag filter, pulse bag filter, high temperature bag filter, water film filter, glass fiber reinforced plastic water film filter, granite ......... [View Details]
  • Application of bag filter in dust removal of power plant boiler 2019-12-18Application of bag dust collector in power plant boiler dust removal Pulse bag dust collector is a new type of pulse bag dust collector improved on the basis of bag dust collector. In order to further improve the pulse bag type dust collector, the improved pulse bag type dust collector retains high purification efficiency, ......... [View Details]
  • Technical characteristics of bones 2019-12-18Technical characteristics of bones Operation timed out after 15001 milliseconds with 0 out of -1 bytes received see details]
  • What to do if the dust collector emits soot 2019-12-17What to do if the dust collector emits dust? The dust emission of the dust collector seems to be seriously damaged, and the maintenance should be stopped immediately. Let's introduce the causes and treatment methods of "causes of soot emission" and "causes of soot emission": ......... [Details]
  • Comprehensive analysis of boiler dust collector manufacturers 2019-12-17Comprehensive analysis of boiler dust collector manufacturersBoiler dust collector frame is welded by special multi-head welding equipment at one time. Welding should be reliable, without desoldering, missing welding, and false welding. Generally, it should be smooth and flat, and dirt and protrusions must not be smooth and flat. Excellent resistance ......... [View Details]
  • Factors to be considered in dust collector operation 2019-12-17Factors to be considered in the operation of the dust collector In the process of selecting the dust collector , factors such as air volume, gas composition, temperature and humidity should be effectively considered. The bag type dust collector is suitable for the purification of flue gas at 260 ℃, without being restricted by the amount of flue gas. When the temperature is ≥260 ℃ ......... [View Details]
  • Sharing of Dust Removal Cage Manufacturing Process Features 2019-12-16 The shared dust removal cage frame with the characteristics of the manufacturing process of the dust removal cage frame has also become the dust removal frame and the dust removal frame. The frame is the frame of the filter bag. It should be light and easy to install and maintain. The quality of the frame directly affects the filtration status and service life of the filter bag. Dedusting ............ [View Details]
  • Innovative development concepts for vacuum cleaner manufacturers 2019-12-16Innovative development concept of vacuum cleaner manufacturer Boiler dust collector has tangential air inlet, high-pressure air dust removal, external filter dust removal, good dust removal effect, fully enclosed filtering area, external maintenance equipment execution, convenient operation, etc. . With environmental laws ...... [View details]
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