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Industry Information
Desulfurization Dust Collector news
  • BYJ desulfurization dust collector 2018-04-13 BYJ desulfurization dust collector BYJ series desulfurization dust collector products are all made of modified high temperature resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic. Ordinary glass fiber reinforced plastic products are not heat-resistant, which is softened at 80 C and volatile at 120 C. It is not suitable for boiler desulfurization and dust removal ... [View Details]
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  • Cartridge dust collector Sander duster Bag filter Stand-alone bag filter BYJ desulfurization dust collector AT-LTC Series Pulse Filter Dust Collector DHXF stand-alone activated carbon adsorption unit BW-TT type activated carbon filter box DTM filter cartridge pulse stand-alone dust collector HD Series Bag Dust Collector
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