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Industry Information
Dust removal accessories news
  • PLC control cabinet 2018-06-17 PLC control cabinet PLC control cabinet refers to the programmable control cabinet, and the control cabinet refers to the complete control cabinet, which can realize the control of motors and switches. The PLC control cabinet has protection functions such as overload, short circuit and phase loss protection. PL ......... [View details]
  • Skeleton mouth 2018-04-24 Skeleton mouth bottom dust removal skeleton mouth bottom is generally used in conjunction with the dust removal skeleton to fix the dust bag or filter bag. The dust removal framework is also called the dust removal frame. It is formed by one-time welding with special equipment. Its characteristics: welding is firm ... [View Details]
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  • Cartridge dust collector Sander duster Bag filter Stand-alone bag filter BYJ desulfurization dust collector AT-LTC Series Pulse Filter Dust Collector DHXF stand-alone activated carbon adsorption unit BW-TT type activated carbon filter box DTM filter cartridge pulse stand-alone dust collector HD Series Bag Dust Collector
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