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  • Sander duster 2018-05-12 Grinding table dust collector The grinding table dust collector is connected to the local dust collector by a hose of the grinder shroud, without the need to make pipe fittings. The shroud is designed and manufactured according to the structure, grinding characteristics and fluid principle of the grinder; except ... [View Details]
  • Bag filter During the rolling process of the steel bag of the bag filter , a large amount of falling iron oxide powder, cooling water vapor and burning ash of the lubricating oil are generated, and a large amount of harmful soot is generated between the rolling mill stands. The main components of the flue gas are FeO, Fe2O3, ... [View details]
  • Stand-alone bag filter 2018-04-24Single bag filter dust collector is a kind of filter type dust collector, which is a device that separates and captures dust by passing dust-containing air through the filter material. This device mainly uses fiber fabric as filter material, which is commonly used in the removal of industrial exhaust ......... [View Details]
  • HD Series Bag Dust Collector 2018-04-11 HD series bag type dust collector HD type single-type dust collector is specially designed by He Beifangtai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. for the dust removal of the warehouse roof, warehouse floor, belt conveyor transfer point and other local dust sources of cement plants. Can also be used for other parts of the industry ...... [View Details]
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  • Cartridge dust collector Sander duster Bag filter Stand-alone bag filter BYJ desulfurization dust collector AT-LTC Series Pulse Filter Dust Collector DHXF stand-alone activated carbon adsorption unit BW-TT type activated carbon filter box DTM filter cartridge pulse stand-alone dust collector HD Series Bag Dust Collector
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